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HEMEEE 03-02-2008 09:26 PM

Rules: SRT10Forum Truck of the Month
  1. 1.The TOTM Moderator will begin a monthly thread for entries & nominations - ALL entries must be submitted in that thread
  2. A member's SRT10 Ram can be nominated by a fellow member from our photo gallery -OR- any member can submit their own photo
    • To nominate another member, that member must have a photo gallery with at least one photo of their SRT10 Ram truck
    • A nominee may decline anytime BEFORE voting begins by sending a PM to the TOTM Moderator
    • Nominations of inactive members are subject to staff approval
    • Photos embedded directly in the thread must be no larger than 640 x 480. Larger pics may be deleted or resized at the Moderator's discretion
  3. A member can only win TOTM once within a calendar year with the same truck. Nominations of previous winners within the same year will be rejected
  4. The first nominees/ entrants who comply with all TOTM guidelines will move on to voting up to a maximum of 5 entrants. Late entries will be welcome to enter the following month
  5. Please stay on topic. Any posts in TOTM threads that are not TOTM related may be removed without notice
Nominations will be opened mid-month for the following month's candidates
Nominations will be closed by the 25th of the month
Voting will be opened as soon as the nominations have been closed
Voting will be closed on the last day of the month
Winner will be announced in the voting thread on or about the 1st of the month, then will be posted in the Winners Thread and featured on the Home Page

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