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Steath R/T Twin Turbo
I wasn't really listening when the guy I bought it from was talking because I figured most would've been BS. But this is what I got...
It was bought years ago by a gentlemen who later died of cancer. It stayed in the widows garage for years. Where the gentleman I bought the car from's son bought it. That's when the details got really hazy... So I can only assume his son blew it up and was trying to rebulid it (I don't what happened to him but he had a bike wreck) and was never there when I was scheduled to show up. So either this car has a really really dark history or some one simply blew it up and couldn't repair it and just kept selling it until it ended up in the hands of someone willing to put the time and energy into fixing this car to beyond its creators imaginations.
1991 Dodge Steath R/T Twin Turbo (White)


The motor is busted it right now, I think its stock apart from my custom Duct Tape intake repair nice someone (not me) lost the closed loop blow off valve tube.
This is where I'm going to spend my money as well as I can. I will spread my purchases from a variety of shops but mostly will come from...
Pampena and 3SX. I will do most bolting together my self where applicable and let the 3S pros do their thing where its just smarter.
Just did my own A/C delete- removed compressor all I needed was a belt 5060436 and a little metric nut.
Stock... I'll probably leave it that way just replace old gauges with newer digital units and 3 pod pillar with widebands and egt. Racing steering wheel once factory radio takes a poop.
Only Future Mods...
Carbon Fiber Hood and rear splitter is about all I want to do
I'll leave the factory unit in until it blows up, I like that the steering wheel controls still work. I'm going to replace the dry rotted factory speakers with superior quality replacements. Sorry homies, so sub box for this whip.
No AWS delete until unit breaks down, you can't deny that the technology is cool.. I want good tight ride, don't need it to be slammed to ground its going to see alot of highway use, but I love the corners more than the straights. If you can't go fast in the turns, what's the point of driving fast in a line?
Wheel and Tire
Stock right now. Future Mods to include...A newer lighter 17" with ZR tires. Nothing to brag about here.



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