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Hemi57 said:
9 seconds (sorry for always referring to you) got 13.3's-13.5's on his own, then a viper driver got a 12.7
You left out that the truck had the tailgate, rear spoiler and spare removed. Along with a custom made air inlet system. From what myself and others have been seeing by video and on the boards....

In stock trim, the majority of owners have been 13.5 - low 14's. It's been said one owner did 12.9 and another 13.2. No time slips posted. Then again it was mentioned they don't get into the internet racing.

The truck takes some time to get used by the average joe. All the people that are getting better times also have had seat time in a viper. The truck is a runner.

I'm just giving you the unbiased opinion. I own a lightning. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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