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Got Juice? said:
Nice slip, Bill Fletcher just ran a [email protected] MPH in his 2WD Cummins.
Mark Harris's RED ROCKET a close second with a [email protected] 144 MPH also a 2wd Cummins.

Both were not using N2O yet as they are getting their suspensions dialed in.

Object lesson#1 When racing a diesel, check for a 4" or dual 4" exhaust (its not there for looks folks)

Object lesson #2 NEVER EVER race one for cash.... we usually use the side bet money for more NAWS or an even bigger turbo or another turbo or bigger injectors so we can really whoop next time.

Object lesson #3 When handing over the BLING BLING try to be gracious in defeat. It really is hard for ust to take your money without smiling, so try to be consideraqte of that.

Object lesson #4 If you wanna go 2 out of 3 the bet Quadruples. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Good times overall.... Keep pushing the envelope guys!
FYI if you purchased a 1994-7 Ram with mechanical 12valve engine in it and threw 8K in mods at it, it would cost less than half of an SRT-10, get twice the fuel economy, pull a trailer with ease AND make you laugh like heck!!!
(torque makes most people giddy, and we got that in spades!)
Yep, when it comes to Cummins Diesels, nothing can beat them in torque specs. :D
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