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13.90 With Problems

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Got a new toy last Friday, a G-TECH PRO. Decided to try out the truck before I made any more mods. Only got one chance on Saturday because it is very hard to find a stretch of road that I can make a run over 100 mph. I read what 9 SECONDS posted about slipping the clutch, well it sounds good in theory, but making it work is very difficult without a lot of practice. I launched too hard, lit the tires, then tried to slip the clutch, tires stopped spinning, then let the clutch out again and fried the tires again, finally hooked and shifted to second, no problem then missed third ( IMAGINE THAT!) finally found third, then fourth. G-TECH said 13.99 at 100mph. I was happy that the first timed run was a 13 but really pissed that I missed third. Sunday I tried again with a buddy on board, launched better, spun a little and missed third AGAIN! G-TECH said 13.90 at 103mph.
Next project is going to be torque strapping the motor down, because when it torques over, the shifter goes with it, and when I try to make the third gear shift, I shove the shifter to what should be third, only to find out I just hit fifth. I'll let you guys know if a torque strap helps my problem, and what I used to make it.
Later, :D
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mauiSRT/10 said:
So the g tech pro works???? I went to order one and the guy on the phone said they dont work well with dodges!!!???? He said the rpms dont register well dodge vehicles... do all the rpm functions work? Let us know cause I really want to order one....How about the shift light function? I could really use that the track...
The G Tech Pro is a pretty nice piece... nearly as accurate as the Vericom (10x it's price) and on par with Stalker Radar for vehicle testing. Keep in mind that any accelerometer based performance meter is subject to variations do to vehicle pitch ('dive' & 'squat') that might be caused by powershifting, etc. during the performance run. They work really well in sportscars that don't pitch much (vipers,etc) but can be slightly off in your truck due to the high CG seen when mounting it on the windshield.

If you have problems getting the RPM functions to work in your truck, turn on electrical accesories (headlights, HVAC fan, etc) to increase the load on the alternator. The GTech picks up the alternator field as it's reference. When setting up the G-Tech, you basically hold the RPMs at 2000 and tell the G-Tech that you are at 2000 RPM and repeat this process for several other points in the RPM band. Enjoy and be sure to keep your eyes on the road when playing with the GTech and your 500+ HP beast!!!

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