Ive been fixing up this truck but now ive got oil in the coolant. I dont have a place to fix the head gasket. I bought it because my Ram ecodiesel broke so I never even got to drive it hard because I was afraid of something happening and being left with no truck. Now Im riding a scooter, uhg. Need the money to finish fixing my work truck. I put American Racing stainless long tubes on it. Full tune with tuning upload box from Roe. Upgraded ignition coils. The crank pulley/balancer was spinning so I upgraded it to ATI with pin kit. It has Volant cold air kit, Billet throttle body. Magna flow exhaust with Green high flow cats. Ive got the leaf spring traction kit thing that I never put on. New steering pump. I cant remember everything but I will update as I remember. I really need to sell it fast and fix my work truck.