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Hello friends
I have a new project to start on my DODGE RAM 2005 1500 single cab.

A friend of mine has a DODGE RAM SRT 10 in his junk yard, the truck is complete and I can take what is necessary for my project

the cabin that is in the junkyard is somewhat damaged, but the board is in good condition

my doubts are:
-Can I transfer the entire interior of the srt10 to my DODGE RAM 1500 cabin without problem?
-Can I just change the chassis of the srt10 to my single cab?

the idea is to transfer my cabin and box to the chassis of the srt10 and to be able to turn it on also change the dashboard

if you know of any changes so I ask for your support, the two trucks are from the same year

I will be uploading photos of the transformation

my workshop is called FUERZA MOTORS performance

greetings from Mexico
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