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I bought an '04 RC with what the dyno shop calls a "bricked" ECU. Previous owner built the engine up (cam, heads, full exhaust) and attempted to tune it himself. Truck came with the SCT handheld tuner/cable/CD that were used on my truck.

I took the truck to a race shop near me that has a dyno. They tried to replace the current SCT tune with a new custom tune (reflash the ECU?) and couldn't get access to the ECU. They then tried to use the SCT tuner (which has about 6 different tunes saved) and still couldn't get the ECU to respond or accept any of those saved tunes.

Truck runs fine but the CEL can't be cleared. I have the truck registered as a classic car, so the CEL is not really stopping me from enjoying the truck. But it runs rich and I'd like to get this fixed.

Does it make sense to buy a used ECU to replace mine? Or does this cause other issues (VIN being different would be my first thought...)?

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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