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This is automatic with 31K miles. Only at low speeds and rpm's I'm getting a clunk noise after a shift which I believe is coming from the rear end. It does it downshifting too but not that often. It doesn't happen when she runs cold but only after 10 miles of driving. When I accelerate up to 30ish mph, and take my foot off the gas pedal I hear the same clunk noise. When I floor it or give it a minimum of 40% throttle I never hear it. The tranny shifts perfectly with no problems whatsoever. I have only had the truck for about a year and put 3K miles on it. I brought it to a reputable Dodge dealer. I met the mechanic he was excited to work on it. I took him for a drive and he heard the clunking. He wanted to open the rear end, take a look at it and change the fluid. He found nothing wrong. He did notice my springs were a little loose, they needed about a half turn to tighten. He also looked at the tranny and bands, U joints etc. Nothing wrong at all. This 20yr Dodge mechanic said he has never worked on an Srt10 but has worked on the same V10 and the same transmission. He also stated Dodge, especially the older ones are known for the cluck aka driveshaft slack etc. He hooked up the computer to it, diagnosed the tranny etc. Does anyone have any idea what this is?
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