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05 RC YF Paxton / 05 QC NA
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05 48re
1 piece driveshaft - found out the previous owner had the shaft 3/4 of an in too long, dust boot on seal kept riding on shoulder of slip joint yoke which would end up pulling the seal out of the housing.
This last time the housing bushing walked out also.
I removed the bushing but before installing the new one i cant see past the output shaft to determine the orientation of the drain/fill hole in the bushing.
There is a half circle at about the 7 o'clock position that reaches all of the way to the seal seat.
There is a hole inside the housing at about the 1 o'clock position that is significantly bigger and a lot closer to the bushing hole size and location when installed.
The service manual doesn't even show this bushing or explain its installation.
Ive been told the bushing hole goes at the 6 AND the 12 o'clock positions so hoping for some actual concrete evidence on the subject.
Pics are
New bushing on removal tool (shows drain/fill hole)
old bushing x2
1 o'clock postion hole (almost looks like a W or toothe in the middle of it
7 o'clock half circle
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