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6 Ram SRT10's at North Texas Dealer

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I was cruising through north Texas for Easter and ran accross a dealer with 6 SRT10's in stock...

3 red
2 black
1 silver

City of Bonham... Didn't catch the dealers name, but this sorta looks like they are hording them...

Also saw a yellow SRT10 at Huffine's Dodge in Lewisville, Tx.
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Masesrt-10 said:
The yellow one is a rumble bee. with the 5.7 hemi.
It really looked like a yellow SRT10... Had the same wheels, brakes, hood, and spoiler... I'll run back by that dealer...

The dealer in Bonham had like 10-15 rumble bees, that's what caught my eye.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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