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accidental horsepower

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hey, i made a mistake & ordered the wrong size mufflers for my truck. i had to get it out of my shop & get home, and since i had already cut out the stock muffler (read very friggin heavy!) i took a 2 1/2 balance tube kit & 2 1/2 exhaust pipe & made a temp pipe patch to replace where the muffler was at & put in a balance pipe at the same time. ALL OF THE RESTRICTION IN THAT SYSTEM IN THE 4 FREAKIN CATS! my truck sounds awesome with no muffler & once i cut out the secondary cats i will weld in a set of borla 2 1/2" muffs. but now i can get 3rd gear chirps. it helped a ton!
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I did the same thing Friday, but I did it intentionaly. The stock exaust was WAY to quite, so I took it down to the muffler shop and told them to take off the muffler and replace it with stainless pipes. Now it sounds like it should. I love the way it is so raspy when you let off the throttle in any gear, it sounds mean. and it only cost $120. Now all I have to do is find a better air filter set up.
Makes you really appreciate what the engineers are able to do,while appeasing the tree huggers.
all we have can be increased a bit, when we can bypass what they are forced to put in :D
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