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Aftermarket wheels?

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I'm looking at a SRT 10 that had the wheels stolen from it. Has anyone seen aftermarket market wheels that look good on the SRT? Can someone offer some suggestions? $6k for new ones from DCX ain't gonna fly.

Thank you!!
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Bump! C'mon guys I know someone here has some opinions. I haven't found anything I like and the damn truck is currently sitting on steel rims. I love the HREs but they are really expensive and I was hoping I wouldn't have to pay that much.

Still looking for ideas!
Thank you both. Both those options are 22x9 and I sure would like to stick with the stock size of 22x10. i'm hoping to shed a little weight while I'm at it.

What do you think of Giovanna? I like this set

They are chrome and I'd prefer to stay with polish. I'm ever considering having them powdercoated grey to match the truck...

Really like these too

Lets just say the admiral isn't too pleased with the new expensive pick'emup truck in the driveway sitting on jackstands....hahahahaha

Got your PM Rocktman...thanks.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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