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AirRam Jet Stream Scoop

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A lot of folks here have some form of CAI and while doing some research tonight, I came across this:

I'm not sure if anyone has tried one out, but it looks like a nice cheap way to get some cold air to your cold air intake. :)

Plus, since I'm shelving the ram air intake project until further notice, this seems like a viable alternative.
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You should have alot of time to decide about it. Offer expires 01/01/20. Not bad for a 5 Day Sale! :)
Yeah they have them on ebay every now and then.
The SRT-10 Ram already has a setup like this. Little different but the same effect!!
Yeah Marc- I remember seeing the 'air director' on the trucks. I just thought this one looked a little cleaner/cooler.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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