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Hey guys. What a weekend!!

I have not had anytime to post, but I will make up for that on a few of the threads that are going.

I am so pleased with my build, I couldn't be happier. Ron and I just got Chris on the plane back to LA. Chris and I spent the morning data logging my truck and he was able to solve a nagging issue that I have had for the last 2 1/2 years.

I did 575hp/585tq. That is exactly what I wanted and the truck is a missle. Just ask a few of the boys that I took for rides!!

Thanks to everybody that came to the tuning session. Everyone went above and beyond to help us work the schedule, after we discovered the issue that Canada Customs handed us. We all had fun and made some real good friends. A lot of us had never met in person, so it was great to finally meet. We tuned for 15 hours yesterday. Chris, Ron and myself were so tired last night we didn't even get to have a beer. We learned a lot and I think it is safe to say everyone was beyond satisfied with the detail of workmanship on their tunes.

Special thanks to: Chris Jensen, rottenronnie, Brian H., Matt (host), Jason F. Mrs. Rottenronnie & Mrs. Oldcolt for all of the behind the scenes support and showing up at just the right times with food and treats.

Chris will be back!!!!!!!
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