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I'm new to the site and pretty sure you guys have hashed this question out but I couldn't find the answer reading through the threads. My SRT-10 just turned 1100 miles and I think I already have a clutch issue. With the truck doing what I call a rolling start, 10 mph and flooring it, I get the dreaded smell in the cab like the clutch is getting hot. I also really thought that tire spin would be an issue with all that claimed horsepower yet mine doesn't seem like it wants to spin tires at all. I dumped the clutch once at 2500 rpm's and got a little wheel spin but not what I expected. Can someone give me an idea of how a stock truck should run as mine is the only one in town/area that I have seen.

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9 seconds said:
You should really fry the tires with a 2500 rpm dump unless you are at a sticky race track.
Unless you already had the clutch slipping before you did this.

Try taking your truck out and dumping the clutch at 2,500rpm's BEFORE you have a chance to get it overheated.

I toasted my clutch once while practicing my launch technique, and once you do that, you might as well take it home and leave it be for a while to let everything cool back off. Otherwise, it'll just keep slippin'.

BTW, once mine cooled back off, everything returned to normal again ---> 2nd and 3rd gear chirps etc. :D

Oh, with my truck, if I just let the clutch out easy, then mash the gas, it won't make any attempt to spin the tires either. It just goes. Between these engines making the majority of their power above 3,500rpm's, and the BIG sticky tires, traction isn't an issue. After I get my lower rear end gears though, I hope it will be (a little anyway). ;)
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