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Anyone getting Information from DC?

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I've attempted to get an update on my SRT order from DC on their 800 number (800-992-1997) for nearly three weeks, and all I seem to be getting is a busy signal. Anyone else having this same problem,
or have they banned receiving calls from my number......?

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I have not had any problems calling that number. I have called it once a week for the last four weeks to keep updated on the status of my order. I must say it takes a while to get a hold of some one. Any way, after the truck being on hold for three weeks, it is finaly going through final inspection. So I might see it sometime next month.
Finally got thru

I spoke, wrote, too soon. Talked with a rep. today, and they too, could not understand why my order had not been processed and built. The gal I talked with indicated she would take it to her supervisor, and they would get back to me the first of next week with an answer. I told her I was about to forget the SRT and buy a fOrD.....NOT....she told me to hold onto my money, they would get an answer soon.

Very encouraged..Nav
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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