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Pesto360 said:
well I couldnt a good deal on my lightning and traded it in today for a black with nav srt-10...

I dont want to be flamed but this truck feels BIG and its also kinda funny the steering it kicks back a little...I think the wheels are way too heavy and big could be the reason...definitely not as quick and agile as the ligtning...but...mine was lowered and had some go-fast goodies on it...after now owning it and driving the srt-10 i feel the potential...but it absolutely needs an auto transmission...feels like a tow truck or big diesel...definitely not a sports truck...I will document everything I do to this as I go (trust me there will be alot, if you search other mesage boards u will see some of my other projects Ive done including a very insane mitsu evo) I would like as much input as possible...any good shops in south florida?

You won't see the potential of this truck till around 1500 miles. Be sure to break it in other wise your lible to have clutch problems... As for the handling/stearing it drives like a dream... Maybe your just not use to a tight stearing gearbox and firm race tuck ride.. I personaly love the manual tranmission it take some getting use to but once you master it... look out :D
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