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Autoweek magazine drives the quadcab

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in the september 27th edition, in the drivers log section they talk about driving the 2005 SRT-10 Quadcab. here is what they said

MANDEL: what a gas! it's been awhile since i got in a vehicle just for a cruise. and this ride inspired it-the 22 inch Z-rated Pirellis were smokin'. one impressive aspect of this genre of fun rides is that they attract immediate attention from those who should know about such things; young men. adolescent boys stopped dead in their tracks when they heard this truck rumble toward them, and watched jaws agape at this winged beast, as though it were some kind of mythological creature. in many ways it is. long live the Little Red Wagon.

GRITZINGER: i don't know wheather to holler "yeehaw!" or "woo-hoo," but either fits the bill when you mash your foot into its 500 hp and feel the pavement rip loose beneath the big rear wheels. this is nothing but unadulterated, bad-boy fun, i can see where it wouldn't be too hair-raising at its plus 150-mph record speed.
for those who like Vipers with payload capacity, this one will put a lot of grins into your weekend trips to Home Depot. did mine.
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I love to people watch when cruising around in it. Much as I love to goose the throttle for the young guys I used to be, I get the biggest kick out of watching the reaction from the kids. Little boys get the biggest grins :D pointing and talking to their moms & dads as I go by. Somehow I think I was one of those kinds of kids too.

The quad cab has me kinda conflicted. I'd love to have more room for passengers, but I'm not so sure I want to sacrifice the look of the standard cab.

Any figures on weight differences yet?
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