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Back end lowering

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Has anyone lowered the back end of their trucks by 2 inches? I heard that FastJack did and was wondering how it turned out. It looks to me that if I lowered the rear two inches, it will sit lower than the front.
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I did lower my truck 2" in the rear. It was done with 2" tapered steel blocks and 3.5X? shackles. The truck now sits level. It helps the weight transfer when starting and gives the truck a different feel when driving. It also makes it easier to get in and out of the truck. It is great for cornering as it gives the truck a sports car type feel (as much as a truck can have). This lowers the center of gravity. This helps handling a lot. I need to get the front end realigned after dropping the back. I knew that but forgot about reaiming the headlights untill the first time I drove it at night and blinded all oncoming traffic. The axle is now only 1.5" away from the axle snubbers so there is a little contact with them at times. I am going to cut down the axle snubbers by 1" and will report back. The handling, traction and ease of entry are great. I had this done at Richards Performance Muffler (RPM) 760-758-7600 in Vista CA. Richard a real craftsman, is knowledgeable and helpful. If you are in the Southern California area and need custom exhaust work Richard is the man.
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Here's a pic of mine lowered 1-1/2" with blocks and new u-bolts.


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