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back to grinding rear brake calipers on srt-ram

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As you can see to fit a 15" rim on a lightning, CONSIDERABLE grinding is required. That is why most Lightnings run 16" rims for slicks. There are less choices with a 16" compared to a 15" rim. The owner says it is safe, but I consider brakes the most important part of a truck.

So I'm not complaining about the srt-10 in regards to limited choices for rear drag slicks. Just wondering what you can fit on the rear and still be safe.
I have never seen AFTER-MARKET calipers that are shaved this thin.

The srt comes with 22? fitting a 16" rim over the rotor and caliper will be interesting.

Does anyone know the smallest rim that will fit?
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There are some 18" drag radials from Nitto, though I have no idea if an 18" rim will even fit on the srt-10.

Its not much for selection, but if they fit, at least there is one option.
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