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Black and possibly silver available.........

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Northwest Dodge in Houston has 1 black and 1 silver SRT-10 Ram. The black is up for grabs and the silver was ordered for someone but they haven't confimed he's going to pick it up. Now, they are asking over sticker but use your negotiating skills and I'm sure you can work them down. Call George @ 281-235-4839.

Steve Ueligger
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Hey Steve,

How well do you know Northwest Dodge in Houston? I'm a X-Lightning owner (don't hate me) but seeking a Silver SRT10 in the Houston area. Any words of wisdom concerning pricing? Do you anyone who has NOT paid MSRP?

Best Regards,

for those looking for a truck there is a black one on e-bay with 0 bids, and bidding starts at $45,000.00. and it says its one of nineteen available for immediate delivery. there are 20 hours left of bidding on the black one as of 2:30 central time!! good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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