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I have a Black one in bound, and a Silver one in stock, and we deal very reasonably with SRT-10 Ram Forum members. Course that is cuz we like you wacko gearheads ( I can say that since I have the disease ) and we even have special financing. The Black truck is sitting 40 miles away in a holding area, so it could be here any minute. The silver truck is right here in the big city of Blair - pop. 7500.

Give me a call if we can help you out!

I decided to use proper computer etiquette ( big word for a Nebraskan ) and not use caps, but heh, it is exciting to finally have a couple of these for sale.

Watching the corn grow in Kneebrasky,

Bill Pemberton
Specialty Car Mgr.
Woodhouse Auto Family

PS -If you fly in to pick up your truck, we are now putting folks up in the Hotel next to the Ameristar Casino - they have a shuttle available,and we can then pick you up the following morning.
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