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Boomer's lowering kit

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guys here is our srt10 lowering kit. it lowers the truck level. 2" in the rear & 1" up front. the blocks are cnc'd billet T6 with the Viper logo on both sides, & we can put the snake(Viper) head on the ends if you'd like. the kit includes everything blocks, front springs with all hardware included & you can install it in 1 hour. no special tools, just a jack & jack stands.
what do you think?


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Boomer, I am also interested. Have a few questions though!!

1. How Much??
2. will the truck need to be re-aligned afterwards?
3. You got any photos installed?

Anxiously waiting!!

Marc T

Another question?

Will this change the pinion angle to any extent where we need to address it.

I would think not since it is a minor drop!! But I gotta ask!!
Alright Dave, your cheatin. postinmods on your profile before they are installed means you go to the back of the line and that puts me first!! :D :D
1 - 4 of 110 Posts
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