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9 seconds Hi Steve, You were working out some issues with the rear brakes and haveing some wheels madeby John and I was wondering how you made out? also that run with the Viper looked awsome. When are you going to run again. If you need any Tech on the NOS my friend started NOS and said he would help you. Mofo (949) 760-5070
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I'm not quite ready with the wheels. The first skinnies John picked out for the front didn't cut it so he's trying some others. The brake guy hasn't called in a while but I've had other fish to fry. I need to get back on that so I'll be ready July 11th for the V-10 nationals in Topeka. That's probably where I'll run next. I may run at the track by my house but it's just 1/8 mile. The nitrous kit I'm using is the dry kit they NOS sells for the Viper. That kit tricks the inlet air temperature sensor and the coolant temperature sensor to make the PCM thinks it's real cold and there's more air going in the engine. That makes it add about as much fuel as the stock injectors can. Good for 135 hp. The rest (65 or so) comes from more nitrous and some propane. I've always liked the propane part for engine safety (detonation) reasons. If I run into anything, I'll let you know.


Steve, What gear did you turn the NOS on at the drags? Mofo
The NOS kit is activated by the WOT switch so I believe Tom sprayed some in every gear. Unthinkable on the street but on a fairly good track it was no problem.
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