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Buy/Sell Forum Rules

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The Buy/Sell forum is for private party auto-related items only:
NO ebay links - NO Vendor sales - NO commercial sales (Multiples of a same item and/or repeats of a same ad will be considered commercial sales)

In addition:
  • Members do business at their own risk... Buyer Beware.
  • Must include asking price (with OBO is acceptable) - No speculation threads or bid invitations.
  • Must include pictures.
  • Minimum 20 post count.
  • Buy/Sell is a forum for conducting business, NOT a discussion/opinion forum. Reply in ads only if you have a lead or are interested in the item for sale.
  • Let the Seller answer all questions.
  • NO price-police - Seller can ask any price, Buyers can refuse the offer. Thread-crapping posts may be removed.
  • Please make a final post in your thread when your item is bought or sold to prevent unnecessary inconvenience for all parties.
  • Negotiate via PM, not in the thread.
  • Do not PM unsolicited sales unless interest was expressed beforehand in open forum. Spamming PM's with stuff for sale is grounds for removal.
  • Do not post private party Buy/Sell ads in other forum sections.
  • Admin/mods have final say on these rules.

Ad guidelines - Please read BEFORE posting

1. Title:
Begin all thread titles with the appropriate key: F/S: (For Sale) WTB: (Want to Buy) WTT: (Want to Trade)

2. Writing Your Ad: For ease of reading and best response...
  • Post Your Location: Include your city/state/zip code in your 1st post and/or thread title so interested parties don't have to ask. If you list your "shipped from" zip code, buyer's can look up shipping prices on their own
  • Photos: Buyers want to see pics of the item and those ads will be more successful. If you include a sheet of paper in the photo with your username and the date members can feel a bit more reassured that the photos are yours and are of the actual item you are selling rather than a photo you grabbed off the net. Buyers should be aware however, that it is not beyond the realm of possibility that seller photos could be altered
  • List Items: If selling more than one item, list line-by-line rather than in paragraph format - Don't use all bold font or all caps
  • One Thread: Do not create more than one thread for multiple items for sale, consolidate all items in one post and modify as you go - multiple threads may be merged or deleted w/o notice
  • No Outside Links: DO NOT LINK to other sales websites, forums, or auction sites, including eBay
3. Privacy & Personal Info: Do not post personal and/or private information in the public forum such as address, phone number, or email address. Keep those details to PM

4. Disputes: Are not the business of forum members and should be handled privately. If every possible attempt to settle a dispute has been made with no resolution, a negative experience thread, or a negative rating in the member's iTrader account is permitted (for forums that have the iTrader system). Post comments in a factual vs. retaliatory manner. For forums that have one, an alternative choice is to post a thread in the Buyer/Seller/Vendor Review section (following the specific rules of that section)

**Handle all transactions with common sense and courtesy - "Buyer Beware" conduct yourself accordingly
**Failure to comply with the rules will result in the deletion of your thread/post and/or sanctions
**ALL other Forum Rules apply to this section - These rules may be changed, or amended, without notice

Sellers on this site are in no way related to, or affiliated with, the forum or its agents. This site does not endorse nor guarantee sales transactions between users and is not liable. The content of posts and/or threads is the sole responsibility of the user who posted them and all users are responsible for their own actions
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