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Cali. Speedway

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Well today was fun,but i must humbly come before you guys and tell you that...........I ABSOLUTELY SUCK AS A DRIVER! I SUCK, I SUCK, I SUCK- I have no qualms about telling you guys how it went down-

NO EXCUSES- (1st track day, 1st stick, and 1st motor with real power) ,like i said though,no excuses,
1st run -- 14.7
2nd run -- 14.5
3rd run -- 15.2 or something, missed 3rd gear
4th run --14.3

All i can say is that all that has been said is correct- I had an absolutely brutal time getting the power to the ground. Either i'd spin and have to let up to get going or would jump and squat rear end then bog before i got going. all in all it was a blast hanging with all the dodge truck boys and gals and the viper guys too-
1 viper set his engine on fire with a nitrous backfire and it was on serious meltdown status-not a good scene for him. The cool thing was that same guy an hour later was trying to work with me to get my times down.He said his friend,bone stock runs 12.8's and 12.9's in his ram srt all day long.
Also a new camaro totalled his car on his first run right into the wall-

When i got there it was 102 out and at race time not much cooler.started at 4.

looking forward to all your feedback- TREV
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its ur first stick. no worries, pratice makes perfect. Will come in time.

No worries, I will probably suck too. My hemi qc, you just hit the gas and pointed it straight. Its take talent to pop these gears quickly and correctly when your on the line, light tree blinking down, helmet on, all hot inside the cab with the window up. Seems easy when your on the street but at the track all those factors are new and made me nervous.

What about your reaction time? Again with the clutch its all FUBARed compared to a auto.

Trev, Give me a shout 619-251-7621 and maybe we can get together next weekend at Carlsbad. It would be fun to have another RAM SRT-10 at the track. I really need the practice. Bee good to yourself.
jack- i would love to,but i have a pee wee game to coach at 2 pm at the Y. So we'll see.What are the times to race,start to finish and stuff-PM me and let me know-
What can be said - Practice, Practice, Practice! Hey, at least you got to run yours. I was at my 2nd job! :p
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