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Good Friday March 25, 2005...3:00p @ Fontana's 1/4 mile strip their having an invitation only RACE The list is by first name first (Jerry Bell) Maybe you know somebody on the list??
Anyway I don't think there's any charge for spectating Some of you guy's that live out that way should stop by! It goes until 11:00p. I think I'm the only SRT-10 RAM on the list lot of lightning's, Viper's, Corbra's, you name it. If it's FAST it'll be there (only 90 player's)
We're going to see what she'll do!!! See how many of those "Bad Boy's" we can take down (OVAL KILL)

Wish Me Luck! :cool:

Anybody here on the list?

Alan Mortera, '99 Dodge Viper GTS/ACR
Albert Leyva Jr., '03 Ford Lightning
Anthony Dalrymple, '89 Ford Mustang
Armon Javadi, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Bill Waitsman, '93 Nissan 300ZX TT
Brandin Adams, '04 Chevrolet Corvette
Brian Kifer, '04 Ford Mustang
Brian Serl, '01 Ford Mustang Bullitt
Bruce Santourian, '99 Chevrolet Corvette .
Chris Horvath, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Clinton Hicks, '97 Chevy Camaro Z28
Dan Hale, '98 Ford Mustang Cobra
Daniel Velasquez, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Darren Johnson, '96 Ford Mustang GT
David Beasley, '02 Ford Lightning
David Ross, '00 Chevrolet Camaro
Dean Delevie, '91 Nissan 300ZX TT
Devin Lalande, '05 Chevrolet Silverado
Dwain Johnson, '66 Ford Mustang
Eddie Rios, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Eric Van Oosting, '95 Ford Mustang Cobra
Frank Magula, '04 GMC Duramax
Gerry Murphy, '81 Nissan 280ZX-T
Greg Brown, '03 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII
Greg Dupree, '90 Nissan 300ZX TT
Greg Irvine, '02 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Greg Monroe, '03 Ford Mustang
Heather Magula, '03 Chevrolet Duramax
Howard Percy, '87 Buick T Type
Hugh Hoard, '97 Dodge Viper GTS
Irfan Malik, '96 Dodge Viper GTS
Isaac Allen, '00 Ford Mustang GT
James Walker, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Jeff Mikusky, '04 Dodge Neon SRT-4
Jeff Paulin, '70 El Camino SS 454
Jeff Rand, '87 Buick Grand National
Jenibella Lara, '98 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Jerry Bell, '04 Dodge Ram SRT-10
Jim Critzman, '68 Chevrolet Camaro
Joe Porcelli, '91 Nissan 300ZX TT
John Brumbaugh, '63 Chevrolet Corvette
Jonathan Villanueva, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Juan Velasquez, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Kathy McSwain, '02 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Kelly Foster, '02 Ford Lightning
Kelly Greenwood, '88 Ford Mustang GT
Kevin King, '70 Dodge Challenger
Kevin Presley, '03 Chevrolet Avalanche
Kevin Roebke, '03 Ford Mustang Mach1
Leon Schopp, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Linda Beck, '04 Ford Mustang Cobra
Mark Leader, '82 Datsun 280ZX Turbo
Maylon Noel, '02 Dodge Viper RT/10
Micah Lee, '99 Chevy Camaro SS
Michael Angelich, '94 Dodge Viper RT/10
Michael Baker, '94 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
Michael Homer, '94 Nissan 300ZX TT
Michael Niino, '02 ChevroletCorvette Z06
Michael Shaw, '03 Dodge Neon SRT-4
Michael Stephens, '97 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Miguel Vasquez, '01 Chevrolet Corvette
Mike Conway, '67 Chevrolet El Camino
Mike Conway, '68 Chevrolet Nova
Morgan Hayden, '87 Buick Grand National
Nathan Barrows, '93 Toyota Supra
Neal Steward, '86 Buick Regal T-Type
Paris Borovilos, '04 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Patrick Kenney, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Patrick McSwain, '04 GMC Duramax
Peter Delgatto, '04 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Phillip Byrne, '94 Chevy Camaro Z28
Ramon Vega, '00 Ford Mustang GT
Ray Fletcher, '87 Buick GNX
Raymundo Iniguez Jr., '03 Ford Mustang Mach1
Reginald West, '87 Grand National
Rick Aguirre, '01 Pontiac Grand Prix GT
Rick/John Bechtel, '94 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Rick Phillips, '04 Ford Lightning
Richard Tarenta, '04 Dodge Neon SRT-4
Richard Waltz, '94 Dodge Viper RT/10
Robert Young, '03 Ford Mustang Mach 1
Ron Costin, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Ryan Shinvill, '94 Nissan 300ZX TT
Sean Fee, '02 Dodge Viper GTS FE
Shaun Romano, '05 Subaru Wrx Sti
Sheldon Chan, '05 Nissan 350Z
Steven Buttles, '02 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Tim Lee, '65 Buick Skylark
Tom Easterday, '62 Dodge Dart
Tony Cappellano, '04 Dodge Viper SRT-10
Trinh Thai, '02 Dodge Viper GTS/ACR
William Hoskins, '89 Ford Mustang
Yesenia Gomez, '69 Plymouth Roadrunner

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might have to go out there and see how you do

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Right on Jerry....carry the srt10 flag for us all!!!!!! :) :) Wish I could go.


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Looks like a lot of fun. The timing is bad for me with the other Mopar events so close. Take pictures and/or video. Good luck!

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Sure wish I could join ya. Take plenty of pic for us :D
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