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Can I retorque my head after oil in coolant and hella loose head bolts?

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Tons of oil in my coolant. I noticed that the drivers side head gasket had been replaced. When I checked the head bolts only a couple were to spec. The rest were varied from 70 ft/lbs to 30 ft/lbs and several were literally hand tight, including the one at the back of the block. I can see that the head gasket is silver and MLS. Should it be black with Viton coating? Can I just retorque after the head gasket has been compromised in this way? I hope there is still some guys around to help out their SRT10 brethren! 馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹
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Also, if I get a new head gasket, should I get a thinner one to increase compression a little? I only have external mods and a roe racing stage 3 tune for 92 octane, AMR long tubes, high flow cats, throttle body, ram air intake, hipo ignition and wires. ROE Racing is out of biz and I cant afford a new tune. Can I install the heads without removing the rocker and everything?
Head gaskets fail on these trucks because of detonation. Always use 91 or better gas. 93 if you have a tune. Also run a colder NGK4291 spark plug. Stick with the .055 thickness gasket, don't use the .028 or it will detonate. Plus the thinner gasket requires a shorter pushrod.

Only use 10-40 or 15w40 synthetic oil in anything with more than 30k miles.
The high mileage formulas have some benefits as well, keeps the seals lubricated.

A side note, head gaskets almost never fail on the Vipers, its the extra weight of the truck
and poor gas, along with high oil consumption that causes the detonation on the trucks.
It actually lifts the heads.

Suggest new head bolts when changing the gasket as well.
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