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Hi folks.
I'm not far off from owning one of these bad boys in black, but I have a couple of questions to see if you guys have noticed these changes.

1. Spare tire. I didn't crawl underneath the local one here to check, but can someone post the spare tire and wheel size? On a stock Ram 1500, the sizes are either 245/70-17 or 265/70-17. The 245 has a diameter of 30.5"; the 265 is 31.6" and the 22's that come on the truck are 31.6". I'd hate to get a flat and end up driving a Porky Pig truck down the road.
(1A. For $50K-ish, couldn't the dealership throw in a 22" spare? Just me thinkin' aloud. Sorry)

2. Fuel Filler Door. This one is so petty, most folks try to slap me when I mention it. In every picture, flyer, brochure I've gotten from Dodge regarding this truck, and all the pics online, it's shown with a billet/racing-type fuel filler door. On the vehicles that I see off the assembly line (and the lucky bastard owners LOL), the door is like that on my Durango- painted to match, with the finger dimple.
I checked the price of the billet/racing-type fuel filler door at a few online shops, and they're about $80. I know...I small when you think about this being a $50K truck, but....(see also: Point 1A.)

3. This one is kinda funny. I noticed that in many of the engine bay shots, the airbox says "DODGE MAGNUM". If a *real* owner could take some shots of the engine bay, I'd love to see what the airbox says now. :)

4. Is it all those mushrooms I ate in high school, or did the shape of the shifter knob get changed as well?

If anyone knows the answers to these, I'd love to hear back from you.
Thanks in advance.
When I pick up the new truck (pun intended), I'll be sure to post pics of myself with "None More Black".

P.S.- My fiancee' made me price out tires. About $340 per wheel (approx.$1700 for 5) at TireRack. She's limited me to one burnout per week. :)
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first off it's not a 22" tire, its a 20" goodyear. Second the fuel cap is color matched and lastly the air box says SRT-10 under that is 505.

Yes the SRT has 22" rims and tires but the spare is an unmatched 20" goodyear

Joeykunz said:
huh, no the srt-10 has 22's.
the spare is a goodyear 20"
Thanks guys, but I guess i should have just asked for the tire size on the spare.
245/70-17 or is it 275/70-17?
To further add to the confusion, the Dodge site says "20 inch unmatched steel wheel". WTF?

My question about the fuel filler door is asking why it was changed from the "production" pics to the actual "production" trucks.

To add to the changes topic, what happend to the "500 x 4" specs? Everything I'd read/seen up until recently was:
500 HP, 525 ft.lbs., 505, 508 watts.
After reading Hennessey's dyno sheet(bottom of page), it reads:
428 HP, 467 ft.lbs, 505, 508 watts.

What happened to the 500 club? Did the Torque Fairy come down and steal 72 HP and 58 ft.lbs. of torque?
My best guess is that Hennessey is doing RWHP, and Dodge is doing flywheel.
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those 400's are rear wheel horsepower. Every company uses crank hp for their readings.

i imagine the tire size is 265/55/20 for the spare
The spare is a 20, not a 17, on a steel wheel which doesn't match the other 22" aluminum wheels. What's confusing?
Key word about the fuel filler door, is that these were not production pieces ,but prototypes. We have had 10 trucks, and a Red one in I status on the way, as well as a couple of customers who got the Blue/White VCA Editions. All of the production trucks came with color keyed doors, not the billet one. There are other changes, as originally the truck was slated to come in a metallic Black, but again, this was decided against, as well as the graphite. Pre-production models often vary in many small areas, so don't feel like you are not getting something,as no one else will get it either. Hope this helps some, and hang in there.

Bill Pemberton
Woodhouse Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Viper
Goodyear spare is 275/55/r20..mounted on a black steel wheel..Billet fuel door can be purchased for about $80,and a Hurst T-handle can be purchased for $20..very easy and inexpensive upgrades..both are installed on my truck..
Thanks a lot, guys! I really appreciate the info.

Anyone have a price on a single 22" alum. wheel yet?
I have this kooky fetish about matching/full-size spares.

Kevin, The dealer told me they were $995.00 each. Mofo
Don't waste your time buying a "full size" spare... you won't be able to winch it up under the truck. The little cleat that holds the tire up under the truck will not fit through a 22" rim. This spare tire deal is the same on the Hemi Rams with 20's, the spare is a steel wheel with a standard size hub flange. Both of the alloys 22's and 20's have a very small center cap that does not work with the underbed winch.
Wheel cost

$1050 for mine....

Thanks a bunch, guys.
Roadrunner- The cleat might just have to be modified. :)

I do a 3000 mile round-trip to Orlando each year, so I'd like to know that what's under the bed will work at 2AM...140 mi. out of Savannah.

It's probably just my own personal psychosis, and I should see a doctor about it, but....
Billet parts

pitrider said:
Goodyear spare is 275/55/r20..mounted on a black steel wheel..Billet fuel door can be purchased for about $80,and a Hurst T-handle can be purchased for $20..very easy and inexpensive upgrades..both are installed on my truck..
Hey Pitrider,
Can you please tell me where you got the billet fuel door. I am looking for one. I am also looking for quality euro style head and tail lights if anyone knows.

Here are a few links to the fuel doors:

The other one I found was on the Mopar Parts site. I'll try to find the address. It was $79.99.
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