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changing rear end gears and tire size

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I'm confused...

Simply turning off the overdrive on our trucks is enough to keep it from coming on. It's not like you don't have a choice about OD (like some vehicles). I know you can bounce it off the rev limiter with OD off and it won't automatically come on because I have done it by accident before (got excited in a race...). With overdrive off you can still make it up to about 125-130. I don't know of too many L's trapping 125 or better.

How bad does changing the tire size to simulate a 3.73 throw off the speedo, and even if it throws it off a lot it shouldn't affect the rev limiter. With OD on the truck wants to shift around 120. That said, what kind of times are you running to be clipping 120-125 in the 1/4 and therefore running into this problem?

I only ask because it sounds strange and you are probably the only person I've seen complain of shifting into OD right at the end of the 1/4.
With the SRT-10, you already have 4.10 gears but also have a 31.6" tire. At 6100 rpm (approx. redline) 3rd gear = 108mph, 4th gear = 140. I don't see too many SRT's destined to run 140mph qtr. miles. Switch to a 28" tire and you get 3rd = 95, 4th = 124. Now we're talking. Actually with spray, I would short shift @ 5300 rpm in 1st-3rd, or 89 mph, and then let 4th go as far as it needs to. I would hope someday it's 124 mph.
ediited, no longer have the tires
Trust me I only did it once...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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