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Clutch chatter on my new srt

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Hi guys,
This is my initial post.
Just got a red ram srt today and I have a question .
Its brand new (40 miles). The clutch has no slippage at all, but there is a small amount of chatter when you start off. It also shifts smoothly.
Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what have they done to remedy it? New flywheel?
Also, where can I find A list of the affected vehicles with the cam bolt recall?
Other than that and the seat having too much lower lumbar support, I love this truck. Its not as fast as my 96 GTS, but at least I can drive it without fear of ripping off the lower facia !
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At 40 miles you could still need some break in. I never had any chatter, though. Your Viper tech should be able to figure that out. He is also the guy for the cam bolt service action (not a recall or they would have told you). Shame on you're dealer if they sold it to you needing service. My guess is you're clear. Welcome and I agree with you about the facia!

Mine doe's the same thing. You just have to give it a litte more throttle during the release of the clutch and it doesn't happen. Once you get the feel for it you will be launching smoothly with no or little chatter.

I was in the dealer getting my oil changed and got to talk to the Lead mechanic who works on all the SRT-10's and Viper's. He said this has been brought to his attention several times but not to worry. there is nothing wrong with the clutch.

He also was nice enough to bolt up my Clutch slave cylinder line so it won't hit the CC.
Thanks for the replies!
How would I find out if mine is on the recall list? Is there a website or phone # to call?
Im glad there is a website dedicated to these trucks, I am a VCA member & its a great site if you own a viper, but not to much to go on for rams.
Hope the membership grows!
No web site that I know of. Only partial lists from the VCA board. If you don't want to call your dealer, try Fiona at Viper headquarters (JR Thompson). She might not have the list but will have a number to call I bet. As a VCA member, she should be willing to help.
I also had a chatter problem, this happened after my clutch started slipping due to the line getting to hot from the cat. I have 1800 miles on it. Any how the chatter went away and things are smooth once again.
Check your hydrolic systems folks. I had the same problem and we ended up replacing clutch, slave cylinder, main baring, and master cylinder.

Was the chatter completely gone after the repair work?
Yes. It felt completely diffrent than from when we first got the truck. It chatters because the clutch isnt fully disengaging as you press the pedal.
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