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Coated or Uncoated Wheels--How to upload?

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Ok all, I called my dealr and talked to the service advisor and he stated that as far as he knows, ALL the wheel types that we have IS coated.
I also went back in my fabrication shop and you can definitely tell the difference between raw aluminum and the coated. I also talked to another friend of mine...aka Mr. Mopar and he concurs...Coated. so there we have it.
But I still used Mother's Alum polish to get the brake dust off the spokes, nooks and cranny's and the wheels look nice and clean.
cleaning the brake dust will be a pretty high priority now.

How in the heck does one post a pic or two on this site.? i went to where you attach and after i click on UPLOAD i get that familiar error message stating: Cannot find or display page...what's the deal?
I could say just type in srt-10 ram and find a picture orf a red ram or go look at Sanchoba....that is mine too...and that is mine...but it just ain't the same...any suggestions?


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Dallas Let Me Try To Help, I,ll Go Through The Steps My Self, Bear With Me


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Okay Dallas, Seemed To Work For Me,my Pic Was In My Document Folder, I Chose It When I Browsed For It, Be Sure It Is One Of The Valid File Types It List, Are You Trying To Upload Directly From Camera? That May Be Your Problem, Send It To A Folder In Your Comp. First. Also You May Have To Resize The Pic, (to Large)
**Edit** Dunno what I did different? This time it worked. :D
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