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Truck bed light is very useful DIY upgrade that can really make your life a little easier, especially if you use a tonneau cover.

Modern LED strips and bulbs provide a good light output that is enough to light up both short and long boxes.

LED is very energy efficient and will not drain your battery if connected to your truck's V12 power source.

You can choose LED stripes from 12" up to 60" long.

# 1 Access® - LED Strip Light

There is also a cool truck bed light system by Truxedo.
The Kit Contains 8 Lights With 6 Led Bulbs Each

# 2 TruXedo® 1704523 - B-Light Tonneau Lighting System

Illuminates The Entire Bed
High Intensity Led Technology
Universal Fit
Works Under All Tonneaus
Strategic Under Rail Placement
Easy Installation
Kit Contains 8 Lights With 6 Led Bulbs Each
One Switch In Cab Lights Up The Whole System
1-Year Warranty

# 3 Recon® - 4' LED Truck Bed Light Kit

4' in length
Two (2) Piece Set mounts under Passenger & Driver's Side Bed Rail
Total of 48 Super Bright LEDs
Illuminates the truck bed
Great addition to any truck
90-day warranty

If you don't want to mess with wiring there is a cool options that allows you to use regular AA batteries as a power source. It is fairly easy to install. Both LED stripes and batteries are attached using 3M take or any custom brackets.

# 4 TruXedo® 1704998 - B-Light Battery Powered Truck Bed Lighting System

No wiring! Just peel, stick & go!
18-inch super bright LED strip
Lights up entire truck bed
Powered by 3AA batteries (not included)
Long-lasting LED technology
Mounts anywhere

The best thing about all these LED bed lights is the price.
Check the full list of bed lights and review prices here: Truck Bed Lights | LED, Multicolor, Waterproof, Battery, 12V

What do you think about these lights and which one would you install on your truck?

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Sometimes the bed of our truck turn into a real mess, and you literally can find everything you can imagine inside of it. Sound familiar?
If you believe that there is a monster somewhere there in a dark, probably it's time to spill a little light on this misty area. Here at CARiD,
we have a solutions for all your problems with your truck illumination. Meet e-LIGHT 500 - the bright result of the combined efforts of
Rigid Industries and Extang companies. This rechargeable truck bed utility light equipped with 3 micro LEDs, can be mounted literally anywhere
to provide you with that amount of light you required.

Extang® 415 - e-LIGHT 500 Rechargeable Truck Bed Utility Light

Don't forget to check out this video-overview of our e-LIGHT 500 Rechargeable Truck Bed Utility Light by Extang:
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