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Delivery Time

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I was originally planning on moving down to the US June 1st (I'm on vacation in the US from 3-23rd of March) and was thinking if I ordered my truck when I got home I would have it by the time I moved down. Anyways, I've decided to move down May 1st instead, how long is the build time and such for the QC SRT-10's? Perhaps I should order it right away? On the other hand I'd like to test drive it first, but none of the dealerships here in Norway got any.
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I don't think you can ever tell how long it will take. My SRT-10 just arrived and I only ordered it 6 weeks ago. I have ordered many new cars and trucks (Fords) and this was by far the fastest I ever got one! One F-350 I orderd took 6 months to the day and most others were right around 3 months. It also makes a big difference if the dealer has good allocation. At this point you might want to consider holding off and getting an "06" as the "05" run will probably be finished soon.
I ordered my QC end of October and got it this week.
If Mike Robbins will accept paypal then I just bought one. With my luck he won't though :confused:
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