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Did anyone else get a second SRT10 for Christmas?

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I got a rc SRT10 for christmas as a back-up truck for the cold weather driving conditions we are having.
Although I could do with out the spinner wheels.....

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The mirrors look nice painted. That way you can tell them apart! :D
You need a Car Cover for the BIG Red One!!
Saweet....gotta ask where you got it.

very nice, you might consider a lift kit for the spare so you can trudge through the snow :p
Haha...that was the one I saw at the toy store. Don't you love the spinners!!! ;)
Roktman said:
Saweet....gotta ask where you got it.
Toys R Us has them (only in red that I could find) for $50. They come with a rechargable 9.6v battery pack and ready to run to the store for new rims.
ThankSS Taylor.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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