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Did I see one of the VCA Rams?

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This past weekend was in Orlando (family time with the fiance's parents)...

Saturday night their whole family got together at Kobe on Kirkman road...well coming back we're stuck in this god-awful traffic trying to go from Kirkman to I-Drive to I4 East (stupid route should have never gone that way...I knew better. Anyways, weather was nasty so we're sitting in the truck listening to the radio moving about 150' in an hour. I happen to look up just as a Blue Ram passes me. I've got Limo tint, it was a little after 8, and it was raining so I didn't pay it a second look until it got just past me and I realized it had the rear spoiler, the blue stripes, and the exhaust just like the VCA STR-10. It was raining enough and happened so quickly i didn't get a chance to see any badging.

Is this possible? I though the trucks were being issued at Daytona, or what?

BTW - If it was a SRT-10, VCA or not, those trucks are huge compared to my L. All the dimensions were considerably larger than my truck. The Blue and white was very sharp, even though I only got to see the passenger rear 1/4 and tailgate...I think were I to ever buy one the first thing off would be the spoiler, functional or not...
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Could be. They were used at the truck race which was Friday night. I think the owners were free to go after that.
That's really cool then. considering there are what, 50 of those, I thought I would never ever see one (although far too brief)...

That truck really stood out though. You know how when you're in bumper to bumper traffic, raining, not going anywhere at night all the vehicles turn into a rolling mass of taillights...this thing just seemed to make everything disappear around it (could of been just me because I thought I knew what it was and was excited).

I really wish traffic could have been a little more agreeable so I could have complimented the person on their truck and gotten to stare at it a little more. No way would I have tried to see what it would do in those conditions (I imagine the wet weather driving woes of my L are amplified by the additional hp and 6spd...once you're going it's great but getting going without spinning is the real challenge) not to mention the traffic in that area at night, plus I'm sure that's not the technique advised fro the break-in of a new very expensive truck... :cool:
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