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Dodge at Daytona

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We just got back from Daytona and Dodge had a display with Vipers and SRT-10s that were being driven by professionals taking people rides over a coned course and spinning was a most impressive display and Dodge went all out...They went through several stacks of tires...
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Truck tires are $325 ea. at tire rack. You do the math.
I was there last friday and took a ride in the SRT-4 (smooth and quick with no fuss),
the Viper SRT-10 (Very quick and manuverable in the chicanes) and 4 rides in the Ram SRT-10 ( Quick, lots of tire spinning for effect). The Ram was able to run through the chicanes pretty well ( when the drivers didn't feel like crossing it up all the way down the parking lot). The Ram handled better than I expected it to I stayed there for almost 3 hours and they rotated the only vehicle that they took off the course was the Silver Ram for about 30 minutes. Those vehicles ran almost wide open the entire 3 hours that I hung out at Dodge City. I'm anxious for Dodge to start building and shipping our orders now that Daytona is over. Dodge has got a winner in their SRT products, now they need to be concerned about owner loyalty.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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