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I just finished playing on the Dodge build website. I found a couple of interesting items on both the Reg cab SRT and the QC. Both have standard 4.56 rearends. Wonder what that means? Both have an option for polished 22" wheels for $600. Painted machined 22"s are standard on both. Cheap! No mention of adjustable pedals on either one. The QC has a standard class IV hitch. No mention of a tonneau as standard or optional and rear wing for the QC? The picture shows it though. The QC gets a sunroof option! Same colors as now for both. Built a QC for $52,860. I guess the trailer queen I saw the other day with a $81,000 price was phoney or misleading. Anyway, just some interesting observations on the web. :cool:
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Interesting.Have to see how that all shakes out. :)

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