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Well, it was 30 out today and I decided to wash the SRT.
My wife is in the hospital recovering from surgery (she is AOK :D )
so since she will not be driving the Pacifica for a few weeks
I decided I will and that the SRT-10 can take a rest over the
next 2-3 weeks from the road salt and grime.

Because my daughter is a daddy's girl, she does what I ask
so I sent her out to wash the truck.. :eek:

Actually I washed the truck :D My daughter just came
back from sleigh riding and I thought showing that owning
an SRT-10 is worth child labor abuse would be funny :p J/K

That power washer is awesome as it lets me get underneath
the truck wihen I use the right angle nozzle. I must have
used 30 gallons of water spraying under the truck :eek:

Site :cool:

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She will get back at em when she turns 15 and starts dating!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: ........just kidding Site!!!

Where are you located since you have all that snow and ice?


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I am in NJ and more of the snow is coming Saturday/Sunday. I get to use the wife's Pacifica for the next couple of weeks so just a daily start and warm up is all the SRT will see until I venture out next Thursday for her first service.

Oh.. it will gte dirty again. Maybe this time I will get my neighbors 3 boys to wash the truck :D and have my daughter supervise :p

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