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Drag shocks

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There isn't much out there as far as drag shocks go for trucks but I've figure out one way and I'll pass it on to you guys. If you buy a set of Bilstein shocks for a 2004 1/2 ton Dodge ($65 each), Bilstein will re-valve them for you (another $65). You can't rebuild the factory shocks because they are crimped during asssembly and not screwed. Other manufacturers will probably do the same so if you have a favorite, check with them. If you go Bilstein, call the West coast toll free number from their web site and ask for Jack. He and I have spoken a few times. 1.5 week turn around I think he said.

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9 seconds ......thats what im looking for i just might give it a try do you think they can revalve the shock so its like a 90-10 drag shock os something close to it???....i need more traction for my hemi 1/4 mile et 13.71 at 99mph and getting better
90-10 is what Jack and I discussed for the front and 70-30 (or is it 30-70?) for the rears.
9 seconds ......thanks for the info... im going to try them on the front and see how they work
drag is best at 90/10 front and 50/50 rear.

i would suggest adjustables being that y'all have enough funds to go a little farther.

i'd run around on no more than 70/30 front because of the front being so heavy.

bilstein, etc. don't make good drag shocks for truckst hat i'm aware of, just open track/autox stuff.

if anyone would make some, lakewood would! good luck.
Thanks for your input tire. Bilstein doesn't make drag shocks at all. They do make truck shocks that they can re-valve. Lakewood doesn't make shocks for the Ram, period. Drag or regular, and they weren't interested in doing so. I believe we'll have to stick with re-valving and swapping them out for the track right now. Not too much more work when you have to change wheels/tires anyway.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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