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Anyone want to see what their srt does on the dyno?

Dyno Daves (near Metro Airport)
We rented the Dyno for the entire day..

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funny you should ask...

I just got my truck back from Gibson Performance Exhaust. They used my srt for r&d to develop their exhaust. Here are the numbers

before - completely stock

HP = 406.0
Torque = 417.8

After - prototype cat-back system

HP = 417.8
Torque = 456.7 :D

The before run was done about ten degrees cooler than the after run, so all things being equal, the results should be a bit better.

I will post the charts as soon as I can scan them in. The Torque curve is very flat. All of the gains were across the board.

Sound is much better, too! :cool:

Later, y'all!
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