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SCVette said:
I dynoed my stock truck last year and from what I have seen on here, it is one of the stronger stockers. By December I had added 9seconds' CAI, VEC2 and removed the mufflers.
With $250 of dyno time I got the power band smooth, the AF solid at 13:1(made best HP), and got rid of the excessive backfire/burble when decelerating(no mufflers).
Next project is dyno tune the Nitrous/propane, Install headers and high flow cats, and patiently wait for the Roe supercharger to be released.

Do you have any issues with pulling the motor past 5400 rpm with the VEC? We have tried them on a few Ram SRT's and they seem to do a good job but we have also seen it cause a lower rev limit for some reason. This was a while back so maybe current VEC2's dont have that issue.
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