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Ebay Truck West Coasters?

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Hey, not trying to push Ebay on anyone, but the "Buy it Now" price is not outa sight on this truck in Bend, OR. Of course nothing compares to class acts like Bill Pemberton, but if you want to stick a little closer to home for Cali folks, you might be able to call and make an offer a little closer to MSRP and shortstop this auction. I've done it before. Just a thought for those still in BG status.
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They installed the front license plate bracket....


Is TX a one plate state? I wish. Virginia is NOT. Didn't even notice.
Or you can save yourself the time and grab the Silver one that should be here
in about 10days. Ours will be in a heated building,no test drives ( you can break it in proper yourself ) and we have special financing --- helps to have Viper owner Bank Vice Presidents.

Bill Pemberton
Woodhouse Viper

No problem with California,as we sent over 50 new and used Vipers there last year - 2 Trucks this year, too.
Front plate

Texas is a two-plate state, but you can get away with the front plate in the windshield with suction cups!

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