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Exhaust Video

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Ok, here it is! I got two verisions. Same video just one is a lot shorter than the other.\New Exhaust footage 43\new exhaust short 6.5

All the thanks in the world to Titan for helping me get this thing on here. I hope it works. :(
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I couldn't get the forum link thing to work either, anyway if you want the video just copy paste one of the links below in ur browser and the d/l should start.\New Exhaust footage 43\new exhaust short 6.5
earl lee said:
server is down.
Yep, Firewall blocked it. Sorry about that guys I'll have to go fix that Monday am..
Links are working again, sorry it was a firewall issue.. Just copy paste the link you wish to d/l into your browser and the d/l of the video will begin.. If you read this 9 sec,see if you can make the links work for this in the forum. For some reason just can't seem to make it work LOL\New Exhaust footage 43\new exhaust short 6.5
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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