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Here are some pictures of my new HRE wheels.


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Screw the wheels I'm in love with your house!

Seriously they do look great. I should be getting my new wheels next week. I can't wait!
BLKSRT-10 said:
Here are some pictures of my new HRE wheels.

Look'en good!!!
BLKSRT-10 said:
Here are some pictures of my new HRE wheels.
What size are they and what do they weigh??
The wheels and the house look great.What size wheels? Tires look narrower than our stock ones.Is it the pic or are they?

Very, very nice. Uber-stealth.
I like it.
The rear of your truck is lowered a bit? Can you tell us how you did it and how much?
Thanks, these wheels exceeded my expectations! They are 22x11" HRE 647R's with 325/40 tires. I am not sure how much they weigh.
That is a great looking truck!! Gotta love em in black!!! Have you noticed any problems with lowering it?
i notice a little suisse on those wheels blksrt-10!

are the wheels swiss or are you?

Good looking wheels, Looks good on the black truck.........Jack
Dam dude, your house makes mine look like a track home!!!!!! Oh yeah it is :confused: .....but its a dam esspensive tracker on Maui, but yours looks WAY nicer!!!! Dude if your single, I know your getting some major brand X!!!!!! Oh yeah, the wheels are very nice....very original.. good job..

aloha patrick
so what did u use to lower the truck?
That is a bad azz pic of the truck! Good job. :D

Hey BLKSRT-10:

I noticed the Viper emblem on your door is red. ANy chance you have the part number for that? I've been looking and looking for a newer-style Viper Emblem in red with no luck.

Donkey Shine in advance!

BTW, awesome freakin truck. I, too, would also love to know what and/or who lowered it.

D.C. has OEM Viper logo (head-on) for the hood, that seems to have just enough curve in it to match the door curve. Stock Mopar Part..about $93.00. Have no part # :( Plus Zero Altitude Flight has head-on Viper logo's.

You're on the ball, Quick! :cool:

I see you mentioned ZAF. Dude, do they have another website I don't know about? Because the only one I can find is super duper outdated. Can I snag a catalog or something? :confused:

Also, your custom gas lid... where can I find info on those? I'd love to get one done for my Red Devil. :D

Oh, and I don't know if the Mopar Viper emblems come in red or not. I haven't seen a new gen Viper come into my dealership (in red) yet, so I dunno.
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