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Foolish question

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Just got my black Ram SRT-10 from a dealer in Dallas, as I got tired of waiting on my BG status with my local dealer and had it shipped up in a enclosed van (Inter-City Lines)... Anyhow, got the truck and due to salt on roads have not been able to drive it yet, so been playing in garage and wonder if the underhood light is a working light? Can't find it in owners manual. Aware that they are normally a mercury type switch but damned if mine comes on... Any help will be much appreciated..

Just to have it idle in garage is worth the $$$ so far !!!

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My only thoughts would be try replacing the bulb, or check for a loose connection.
Good luck, and Congats on the new truck.
it is position sensative. below the wiper cowling on the left side is the plug it has a orange lock tab on it. pull the lock tab to the right & push the plug together then relock it. if that isnt it, it the housing/or bulb. it is a bright bastard when it works! congrats on the truck! i have a black one myself, & it has a weird gravitational pull to every spec of friggin dust in the universe! :D
If it sat on the showroom floor they may have unplugged it. Check where Boomer said. One of the SRT engineers pulled mine when he saw the hood up all day at a car show.
Mine wasn't working when I got it. I checked to see if the bulb was blown, found out there was no bulb in the light housing. Ended up finding it in the ash tray, put it in works find. Hope this helps check the ash tray for the bulb.
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