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got a chance to check one out!!

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went to a local dealer here in tucson and they had a red one that was presold, but i got to check it out nonetheless. i must say that i was impressed, esp. when comparing it to the lightning. the interior was nicer and i like the looks better - but the L is still more mod friendly as far as cost goes. anyhow - looks like ill be saving my pennies to get a silver one from the second model year run (after dodge gets all the kinks out).
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Check it out Ram Srt-10

If anyone in Albuquerque would like to check one out, look not drive.
Mine is on the show room floor at Zangera Dodge. It will be there
for a few more weeks. Silver.
the interior in the ram is so much nicer than the L's. But what really pisses me off is that there are cheap v6 f150's that come with a better stereo system than the piece of audio crap that comes in the L.

How does the rams stereo sound? I heard is was pretty good.
yep, its awesome! 12 speakers including a 10" sub, and 508 watts of power, allthough i would like better controls to custom tune the sound (only has a treble and bass slide controls)
Don't forget to look underneath when comparing to a Lightning... things like suspension, brakes, anti-sway, and factory pinion damper all add to why the SRT/10 is way more truck than you might think at first glance.

And then on the interior - check those sweet ass seats... 6-disk in-dash CD changer, custom cluster and temp guages...

Then the body, come on, it's completely kitted out right off the floor. Scooped hood, wing, front and rear bumpers, etc...

It's not just a motor (or a blower)...
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