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Got clutch problems? I got answers!

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Since my last post, the SRT had been experiencing clutch problems. It seemed as if the clutch materials was super weak cause no matter what we did, we could smell the clutch burning. So after a little research, I decided to go with the SPEC CLUTCH STAGE 3i, thanks fo 9 seconds for help on that.

Starting this week, the clutch issues got worse quickly. It was so bad that we couldn't engage any of the gears with out forcing the lever into place.

I talked to my viper tech center. I showed them the problem and they agreed that the clutch must be faulty. So we go to swap out the clutch, get the new one on, and away we go right? Wrong! We start the truck and we try to move it and we can't even move the lever. We bled the line for the heck of it and we come to find a giant rush of air flying out when we do it. Which then leads us to our next conclussion. Something is not right with the slave sylinder. We drop the tranny again, and pull the slave clutch cylinder off to examin it. Nothing apears to be wrong with it what so ever. The cylinder is covered by a large rubber boot. I decide to cut the boot. Out of curiosity, we attacked the slave sylinder back into the hydrolic system, and low and behold, guess what happens when we apply clutch pressure? Fluid comes flying out of the slave cylinder, which in return explains many things. THe air in the line was being sucked in after every time we engaged the clutch pedal. The burning smell as fluid landing on the clutch disk and being burned. The stock clutch was ruined due to over heating.

So there you have it folks. The truck is sitting on a rack, and will be sitting on it for 2 weeks until we can get a replacement slave cylinder from MOPAR They're on national back order.

I'll just keep telling myself that good things comes to those who wait :D
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2 week... aww man that bites!

the weather here in Michigan hit 70 today.. almost time to bring out the summer vehicle.

Hurry up and get back on the road and enjoy that [email protected]
Tell me about it. I'd like nothing more than to do that.
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