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I was in my local dealership the other day and got some prices on all the body modifcations the srt-10 has over the regular ram. They all bolt right up with minimal work needed. These prices are in Canadian funds, so they will be 3/4's the price in American. Front bumper is $1100 bucks. Side moldings are about $400 bucks, but the items past the rear wheels need the rear bumper to work, and the rear bumper is $1300 bucks. The hoot is around $1100 bucks.

What does this mean... we will see some srt-10 clones coming out. Personally I want the front bumper (have a nice crack in my bumper)and the side moldings up to the rear wheels. Would also make sure I got hemi logos on it, so I am not to be confused with my faster srt-10 brothers. :D The Rumble bee rams also have some moldings around the bottom of them that would be worth looking at, they run about $1200 bucks.
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